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Who we are

Austenite Technical Services LLC is a leading home maintenance company serving customers throughout Dubai at highly competitive prices. Our experienced and skilled maintenance experts offer a wide range of home maintenance services to help provide complete solutions for all your property requirements. Managed by a team of British, European and Asian professionals, we always aim to keep our customers happy and safe in their homes.Read more

What we do

Our core maintenance and repair services include air-conditioning and ventilation, plumbing and sanitary ware, tile and masonry work, painting and decorating, carpentry and flooring, plaster and cladding, electricalwork, partitions and false ceilings, external building cleaning services, home improvements, general handyman and DIY work. Additional maintenance, repair and installation services are available upon request.Read more


Air Conditioning (AC)

Our qualified AC technicians are fully trained to deal with all your AC...

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Plumbing Services

Our expert plumbers are on hand to assist with all your plumbing main...

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Tile & Masonry Work

Our technical experts are trained to provide maintenance, repair and...

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Painting & Decorating

We offer painting and decorating services ranging from small touch ups...

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Carpentry & Flooring

Our skilled carpenters and flooring professionals are experienced with...

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Plaster & Cladding

Our team ofplasterers and cladding technicians are able to provide...

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Electrical Services

We have a team of qualified electricians available to service all electri...

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Partitions & False Ceilings

A common requirement in residential, commercial...

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External Cleaning

We live in a desert environment in Dubai which results in outdoor...

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Handyman & DIY

Our handyman team can help you with general work around the home...

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Home Improvements

Our professional technical team will listen to your home improvement...

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