Partitions & False Ceilings

A common requirement in residential, commercial and retail places is the installation of partitions and false ceilings. Our team will assist and guide you with suitable solutions when it comes to installing wall partitions and false ceilings. We can also help to repair damaged areas and remove old partitions and ceilings.

Partition walls are generally used to make separate rooms or create a divide in a room. They are constructed using different types of materials including gypsum walls, bricks, concrete and glass to give a few examples. Sliding partitions are a great way of providing a temporary partition wall, which can be closed and opened to reduce or enlarge the size of a room as required.

False ceilings, also referred to as dropped ceilings, are secondary ceilings below the main ceiling. They are used for aesthetic purposes to make a room look more visually attractive by hiding infrastructure such as pipes, cables, wires and ductwork. Acoustics and sounds in a room can be vastly improved by using a false ceiling, as this helps to create a soundproofing effect. Energy efficiency is often improved through false ceilings, as it helps to create an insulating effect for cooling and heating.

Our partition and false ceiling services include the following:

Partition Installation
Partition Removal
Gypsum Walls
Brick Partitions
Glass Partitions
Sliding Partitions
False Ceiling Installation
False Ceiling Removal
Energy Efficiency Improvement

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