Air Conditioning (AC)

Our qualified AC technicians are fully trained to deal with all your AC maintenance, repair and installation requirements. Prior to joining our team, they worked for some of the largest master developers in Dubai learning their trade and gaining great experience across the main communities in the city. Air conditioning systems help to keep the inside of homes and buildings at a cool temperature, whilst filtering dust from the circulated air to ensure clean air is passed into the serviced area. This is important from a health and safety perspective, as it helps humans to breathe clean air in a cool environment.

A fully functioning and well-maintained AC system is essential in a hot climate. Air conditioning is a part of everyday life in Dubai, so it is important that your AC system is serviced several times a year to ensure that is operates in an effective and efficient way. Our AC technicians will make sure your AC system is clean and dust-free, runs efficiently to minimize energy bills and keeps you cool all year round.

Our comprehensive AC services cover the following areas:

Split Air Conditioning
Chilled Water (District Cooling)
AC Cleaning
AC Installation
Duct Cleaning
Filter Cleaning
Vent Cleaning
Evaporator Air Filters
Fan Motors
Evaporator Wastes
Evaporator Trays
HVAC systems
In-room Air Vents
Temperature Checks
Condenser Filters
Filter Dryers
Gas Pressures
AC Electrical Wiring

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